main window
  • Twin panels
  • Tabbed inteface
  • Gnome theme MIME awares
  • Searching abilities
  • Mounted filesystem support
  • Archive support
  • FTP support (planned)
  • Plugin interface (planned)

Pygoscelis is modern advanced twinpanel filemanager for GNOME Desktop environment that continues in tradition of dualpanel filemanagers started by Norton Commander.


Pygoscelis is written purely in Python language using PyGTK and Gnome Python bindings. Pygoscelis provides many powerful features and abilities for easy and effective file managment.

User interface is clean, perfectly fit into the GNOME, tries to by HIG compliant but also keep traditional dualpanel interface.

Word Pygocelis was taken from latin and stands for common genus of penguins

Project was originaly started as part of my bachelor's thesis about orthordox filemanager and it's development continues as free software released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).


2007 August 21 - Project lives

Pygoscelis development still continues. I'm improving code base and architecture.

I'm preparing plugin managment and waing to port pygoscelis from gnome vfs to gvfs.

2006 July 26 - Site launched

First news - site launched.